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Comfortable living environment created by intelligent climate control

Climate Control

Grand Designs

The Challenge

Seneca House a stunning timber framed house set in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. Due to the efficiency of the building the home owner experienced some extreme overheating during the summer months. 

Timber Framed Efficency

The Solution

To overcome the issue and without the expensive investment and upheaval of installing air conditioning units, we at Protek knew the best way to address the issue. The property already had an existing MVHR system that unfortunately was failing due to its age. We replaced the system this time with the addition of a summer bypass function. Of course integrating this into the existing Loxone system for full room by room control to appreciate maximum benefit. The property already benefitted from electric windows, blinds and awning to help with shading and cooling, however these were manually controlled. We recommended these systems be integrated into the powerful control of Loxone. The addition of Loxone's Weather station and service gave the system the ability to react to future and present weather conditions. Protek then created a comprehensive bespoke configuration to maintain a comfortable internal climate for our client, whilst keeping both the customer and the system safe from the varying British elements.

Multiple building elements working in harmony under the close supervision of Loxone, creating a comfortable living environment

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