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The new Power Supply & Backup (Art. 100401) comes in the form of a DIN rail power supply that works in combination with an external battery. This new addition to the Loxone product lineup protects against power cuts by taking over from mains power, when needed, to provide a power supply to all of your Loxone products. The seven 24V outputs provide a total of up to 40A, are able to measure power and are equipped with replaceable fuses.

Power Supply& Backup

SKU: 100401
    • Power measurement of all seven channels
    • 7 x 24V DC outputs at 10A each
    • Total 40A – short-term (10s) 60A
    • Optional Backup function when connecting an external 36V battery
    • Status monitoring including app visualisation
    • Top-hat rail mounting (18 TE)
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