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The Loxone M-Bus Extension is an M-Bus master for DIN rail mounting for reading up to 30 M-Bus devices such as gas, water or energy meters. The read-out values can be used for energy management, consumption data collection and much more.

M-Bus Extension

SKU: 100569
    • Up to 30 M-Bus devices
    • Up to 100m Bus length
    • Supports different baud rates (300-9600 bd) on the same Bus
    • Bus, Lines, Star, or Tree Topology
    • Fully compliant with EN13757
    • Meter types and inputs including units are configured automatically.
    • Simple wiring: reverse polarity protected

    Important to note: Energy supplier utility meters usually act as M-Bus masters and are therefore not designed to be read by the Loxone M-Bus Extension (or any other M-Bus gateway) that also acts as a master. Furthermore, the M-Bus Extension does not support encryption.

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